Self-Study Review

Self-Study Rubric

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  • The faculty Assessment Committee along with the Associate Dean of Academic Planning conduct the Internal Review upon the submission of the self-study. The purpose of internal review is to assure the self-study is complete and reflects the standards of the college. The committee should use the rubric below to assist its evaluation of the self-study; the rubric is not intended for communication between the committee and departments/programs. Depending on the workload of the full Assessment Committee, a sub-committee may be assigned to review a department/program self-study and report their findings to the full committee and the Dean. Communication between the committee and the department/program should be undertaken by the Assessment Committee Chair who will identify areas of the self-study that stood out for their quality or need improvement, and either confirm that the self-study is ready to send out to the external reviewer or advise the department/program about omissions or shortcomings that could impede comprehensive review.